Taking Stock

As I’ve given this blog a little refresh, it’s caused me to look back on what I’ve written so far and think about what I want to write in the future.

My first reaction was embarrassment at some of the things I’ve written about. I actually deleted a couple posts, just because I thought they really had no value whatsoever. My second thought was that I really like a few of them, but they don’t actually get the point across very well.

Here are a couple highlights:

Endangered Species and UX

Not really an informative title, and it doesn’t really get to the point until the last two paragraphs, but I still think it’s an important point: Respect the people you develop / design for.

Divide And Conquer

This one actually never really gets to the point, and I think that’s partly because I still need to get the point, especially in my writing: Anything that is sufficiently complex requires planning, and the best way to plan is to step back from the problem and work through it before marching ahead.

Looking forward, I hope to start writing more regularly. I’ve been tinkering with lot’s of new things, so I’ll probably start with some quick summaries of those things.