Divide And Conquer

School has started and I’ve been very busy with projects, but haven’t had time to write. And in fact there’s not a lot to write about. Sure, I’ve been working on a lot of cool stuff, but the big picture hasn’t come into focus.

Along with getting a grip on the Adobe tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash/AS), there’s the programming.

One of the best insights that I’ve got so far is how powerful pencil and paper can be. Storyboarding, brainstorming and sketching use cases are a great way to think about a project from all angles. If you sit down and start coding without any clear direction, you are wasting a lot of thought on design and abstract principles, when you need to focus that brainpower on making sensible code. Working this way, a lot of coding design patterns start to emerge before you even begin coding.

And maybe that’s the one bigger picture that is coming into view: learning to divide and conquer is vital to any project, even if it’s just a one man show.